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Pet-Friendly Perfection

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River Oak Apartments
Welcome to Your Fur-Ever Home

Nestled in the heart of Louisville, River Oak Apartments stands out as a pet-friendly haven, truly welcoming every member of your furry family. What sets River Oak apart is its commitment to inclusivity, as there are no breed restrictions, allowing residents the freedom to bring pets of all shapes and sizes into their homes. With a maximum allowance of two pets per apartment, River Oak ensures a cozy and comfortable environment for both residents and their beloved companions.

The pet-friendly policy includes reasonable monthly fees, with a $35 charge for one pet and $50 for two pets. The community aims to make the living experience seamless for pet lovers by implementing a nonrefundable pet fee of $300 for the first pet and $150 for the second, assuring a warm welcome to all residents and their cherished animal friends. With these thoughtful policies, River Oak Apartments goes above and beyond to create a pet-friendly haven that truly feels like home.

The Pur-fect Community to Call Home

Explore our expansive pet-friendly community with no breed restrictions and all the pet perks that we have to offer!

 Pet Stations Throughout the Community
 Stop by our fur-riendly leasing office for some paw-some treats!

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Dog Friendly  at River Oak Apartments, Kentucky
Cat Friendly  at River Oak Apartments, Kentucky

Close to the Best Vets in Louisville

 Crescent Hill Animal Hospital | 2.1 miles
 Urban Village Vet | 2.6 miles
 Deck Veterinary Clinic | 1.9 miles
 Chenoweth Animal Hospital | 3.5 miles

Furry-tail Fun Awaits in Louisville

Louisville warmly embraces its title as a pet-friendly haven, where charming parks, welcoming establishments, and a vibrant community ensure that every tail wags happily in this Bluegrass State gem.

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